An Aquarium System In Trouble – A Slow Recovery

Peter (being Peter) a few months ago agreed to care for a [tag-tec]saltwater aquarium[/tag-tec], as the aquarist who owned it had to move house. The aquarium is of fairly sizeable proportions and has a sump.

The system arrived and was off-loaded. With quite a bit of staggering the aquarium was placed on a stand pre-prepared by Peter. The sump was placed underneath. The main aquarium had a DSB ([tag-tec]deep sand bed[/tag-tec]), I assume that was the intention, maybe it was just meant to be decorative. The sump also had a DSB. Some of the original water was placed back in. The live rock, which had travelled separately, also went in. The fish, seven in all, mainly small with one medium sized surgeon also went in. Additional water was made up, heaters turned on and also the skimmer started up. Everything went well, considering. [Read more]