Old Tank Syndrome – Update

A while ago my reef showed clear signs of a sizeable reduction in the tiny creatures that inhabited the deep sand bed (DSB) and also the reef rocks. I noticed this most at night. I wondered if this might be the so called ‘Old Tank Syndrome.’ See ‘Old Tank Syndrome

The maintenance regime on the [tag-tec]reef tank[/tag-tec] was maintained without change, including feeding of the DSB. I watched very carefully, particularly at night as this is when most activity occurs. As the population of the [tag-ice]deep sand bed[/tag-ice] had reduced so much I kept a very careful watch for signs of pollution (was anything eating the food?). There was no real change at all, although the occasional beast was seen. There wasn’t any visible evidence of pollution.

Three nights ago I went to the [tag-self]aquarium[/tag-self] not expecting to see much. I’d accepted that for some unknown reason the beasts had reduced considerably in number. To my surprise, there was a fair amount of activity. It wasn’t as I am used to, that is it didn’t look like a shopping precinct on a Saturday afternoon. However, it was clear that the minute life had increased.

This increase in life forms continues. I continue to watch at night mainly.

I cannot give any sensible reason for the reduction and the increase. Maybe predation reduced the numbers because of unsustainable predator increase. Then maybe the predators reduced. Then maybe the surviving life forms were able to re-build their population. I don’t know. It seems the occurrence was a natural one, some kind of cycle?

The main thing is, they are back with rising numbers. Once more it goes to show that on occasion time must be given for nature to do her thing.