If Seawater Tests Are Fine But…

Aquarium LightingWe are often going on about the quality of seawater and we believe quite rightly so. Seawater quality is the number one priority, no matter what type of aquarium it could be, fish only, coral only, or mixed reef.

Of course, even if seawater quality is correct there could still be problems. Fish need to receive the correct nutrition, and there needs to be a general lack of stress. There are more. However, as said, seawater quality is the number one and regular tests should be made.

Though it doesn’t affect a fish only aquarium anywhere near as much, lighting is number two on the list. This applies to a reef system whether corals only or mixed. This high priority for lighting is because of the needs of the corals. Within most corals are zooxanthallae, single celled algae which are essential to the corals’ wellbeing.

So there’s a problem with the corals? Seawater tests indicate nothing wrong? What could it be?

The link is to a text supplied by aquaristsonline.com which could be of interest in the above context.