Aquarium pH – What Is It? How Is It Controlled?

In a marine aquarium the pH measurement is of great importance. Marine aquarists routinely test their seawater pH level, but what is pH? It is not intended to go into great scientific detail but to give a general explanation of the term. For those who want to delve into the scientific world, I’m afraid you’ll have to look elsewhere. I’ll also give a little information on its control.

First of all, [tag-tec]aquarium pH[/tag-tec] is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of our seawater. The measurements are set against a scale which runs from 0 to 14. The centre of the scale, 7, is neutral. 0 is acid and 14 is alkaline. Out of interest, Sulfuric acid measures 0, and Sodium hydroxide measures 14. [Read more]

  1. sir
    i want to know about ph to be maintained , amount of salt to be added for tank of 30 lit capacity

  2. Hi murugan.

    The link ‘read more’ doesn’t seem to be working with the above blog which means you can’t get to the full text.

    I’m unable to state the amount of dry salt you would require for your aquarium, first it depends on the specific gravity (SG) you intend to run it at. The higher the SG the more salt needed.

    May I suggest that you go to ‘Articles’ as there are two that could be of interest to you.

    First, go to the top of the page and click ‘Articles’. Next click ‘Water Quality’ from the article list. Then click the article titled ‘Water Salinity in the Marine Aquarium’.

    When you’ve finished with that go back to the Articles list and click on ‘Water Chemistry’. Then click on the article titled ‘pH in the Marine Aquarium’.

  3. please, explain me what will be added in seawter dolphinarium (where ozone is used) when pH drops or raises…

  4. Hi,

    Being honest I didn’t know the answer to this one as the amount of seawater is larger than the usual aquarium!

    I asked the local public aquarium, they said though they do not keep dolphins they do keep seals. These are obviously in a large amount of seawater too. Unfortunately, being close to the sea, the pH is maintained as the seawater is continuously circulated through filters from and back to the sea. Therefore, I still don’t have a proper answer!

    If the establishment you are thinking of is near the sea perhaps they circulate the natural stuff. If not, why not ask them directly, public aquariums are usually very helpful.

    Johns last blog post..The Staghorn Coral

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