Why Do You Do Water Changes?

Whether the aquarist runs a [tag-tec]reef aquarium[/tag-tec] or a fish only aquarium, one of the major parts of the set-up is the seawater. The net amount of gallons in an aquarium can vary enormously. The set-up could be a [tag-tec]nano aquarium[/tag-tec], then anything up to an enormous 1000+ gallons. The size makes no difference in one respect, and that is attention must be given to water quality. In any marine aquarium, seawater quality is the number one concern on the list.

To maintain seawater quality the aquarist measures various parameters. For example, the fish only aquarist may measure pH, ammonia and nitrate levels. The aquarist keeping a reef goes further than that, in addition measuring calcium, alkalinity, magnesium etc. So if the measurements are correct, that’s fine, yes? Well, logically the answer should be yes. [Read more]