Aquarium DIY – Have Fun And Save Some Money

Personally I like DIY. I have done a bit of aquarium diy in relation to plumbing, stands, hoods etc however I have to say that I have not done anything that adventurous.

Doing a spot of aquarium diy is a great way to save some money, money which you can spend on corals etc!

For this reason I have created a list of sites on the internet where various aquarium diy projects are discussed – in some occasions in great detail.

I hope that you find this list useful. If there are any other aquarium diy sites which you know of or have done your own aquarium diy project then leave a comment below or contact me and I will add it to the list.

I would love to hear about any aquarium diy projects you have either completed or are in the middle of.

Acrylic Aquariums

Making Your Own Acrylic Aquarium
Working With Acrylic
Gluing Acrylic

Glass Aquariums

DIY Glass Aquarium Plans
DIY Glass Aquarium Building Tips

Protein Skimmers

DIY Calcium Reactor
Seaclone Skimmer Modifications
DIY Venturi Skimmer
Tupperware Protein Skimmer
Prizm Skimmer Modifications

Calcium Reactors

DIY Re-Circulating Calcium Reactor
DIY Calcium Reactor
DIY Calcium Reactor
DIY Calcium Carbonate Reactor
DIY Calcium Hydroxide Reactor
DIY Calcium Reactor

Aquariums Stands

DIY Aquarium Stand
DIY Aquarium Stand Plans
72*24*34 Aquarium Stand Plan
Inexpensive DIY Aquarium Stand
DIY 2*4 Cabinet Frame
DIY Aquarium Stand Construction

Aquarium Canopies

DIY Lighting Canopy
DIY Lighting Enclosure For Compact Fluorescents
DIY Aquarium Canopies
DIY Metal Halide Lighting Hood
DIY Aquarium Hood
DIY Basic Aquarium Canopy
DIY T5 Lighting Hood
DIY Tank Canopy

Water Movement

Borneman Surge Device
Surge Bucket Plans
Electronic Wavemaker No. 1
Electronic Wavemaker No. 2
DIY Wave Generator
DIY Water Circulation System


Cooling Fans
DIY Chiller Plans


DIY LED Moonlights
DIY Neon Moonlights
DIY Moonlights


DIY Denitrator

Calcium Addition

DIY Calcium Mixer
DIY Calcium Addition


DIY Above Tank Refugium
DIY Acrylic Refugium
Building A Refugium


DIY Surface Overflow Weirs
The Durso Standpipe
The Stockman Standpipe
Bulkhead Overflow


Flow Controlled Separator Sump With DSB
DIY Sump Design

Phophate Reduction

DIY Carbon/Fluidised Phosphate Reactor

Live Rock/Sand

DIY Live Rock
Making Live Rock From Cement
Making Aragocrete Rock
Sand Molded Aragocrete


Gravity Fed DIY Kalk Doser
DIY Kalk Dosing
DIY Nilsen Kalkwasser Reactor
DIY Kalkwasser Reactor


Solving Leaking Glass Problems
Repairing Small Leaks

Water Top Off

DIY Water Top Off System
DIY Auto Top Off

Quarantine Tanks

DIY Quarantine Tank

Fish Traps

Simple DIY Aquarium Trap
DIY Acrylic Fish Trap


Plumbing And Solvent Welding Guide


DIY Feeding Ring
DIY Fish And Coral Feeder
DIY Reef Aquarium Food

Water Level

DIY Water Level Alarm

Coral Farming/Propagation

DIY Coral Farming Unit
DIY Plywood And Epoxy Grow Out Systems


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