Here’s A Place For A Spot Of Aquarium DIY!

There’s a lot of aquarists around who like DIY. Not surprising really – anything can be built in this hobby from a stand and canopy to various devices, such as protein skimmers, calcium reactors, sand beds etc., even the aquarium itself.

One of the biggest problems is the pre-work. By this I mean working out what is required in material. Then of course there’s the procedure of actually building it.

Here’s a website that brings all that pre-work on many items together, so that the aquarist doesn’t need to. Plus a ‘how to proceed’ section.

For example, if a stand is to be built, then type in the length, width and height of the aquarium it will support, advise what the aquarium will be constructed of (glass, acrylic etc) and the rest will be done. Advice is given on aquarium glass thickness, and a cutting list for timber provided. Then there is a ‘follow this procedure’ advisory.

There are quite a few items that could be of interest to the aquarist who is into DIY.

Just go to the website given below. On the left hand side scroll down to ‘DIY’ and expand the section. Then pick and away it goes.