The DIY Aquarium Stand – Some Resources To Help You

Planning and researching your saltwater aquarium is an important and at times very frustrating stage.

One of these areas is what to place the aquarium on.

There are many ways in which to do this. You can purhcase an aquarium which is sold with an aquarium stand. If you are not interested in DIY then you can have someone make a stand for you, however a lot of people, like me, prefer to make their own aquarium stand.

At first the idea of making your own stand appears quite straight forward, however when you start to think about it it becomes apparant that it is not as simple as your first thought. You have to take into consideration the strength of the wood so that it can hold the weight, the type of wood so that it does not rot, the plan of the design so that any plumbing can fit and sumps can be installed and accessed plus many more details which need to be considered.
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  1. thanx all that submitted your plans!!!! excellent pictures and source of info!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Interesting post. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. Thanks for the info. Good stuff. Might me reconsider and I decided to buy one instead of making one after all. Good luck.

  6. We’ve been researching various ways to build aquariums for some time now. The first attempt was a total disaster. Luckily, we didn’t put any really expensive stuff in it. Thanks for the info – this blog has a lot of useful tips.

  7. Glad all turned out well, you certainly saved some money,

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