Aquarium Computers – Do You Use One

I have to admit that I personally do not use a computer on my aquarium. This is not to say that they are not very good because trust me – I really would love to have one.

The truth is that at the moment I cannot both afford to have one or warrant the expenditure.

If I had the finances available I would have one in a heartbeat.

I have worked in the IT industry for many years now and computers are second nature to me and t be fair it makes sense to have one on your aquarium – but why oh why do they have to be so expensive.

To be honest I could probably write the software to do all of this but the software isn’t the true cost it is the probes which go in the water.

An aquarium computer allows for the automated control of various aspects in the aquarium – be this temperature, pH, calcium content etc etc. It also allows for numerous other aspects, dependant upon the aquarium computer selected. Some models allow for advanced reporting of system parameters for example so that you can check on your aquarium via a web browser whilst you are at work, on holiday or anywhere else for that matter.

As I have said on numerous occasions stability is one of the keys for success and I say this for a reason as it is true. Computers can keep the stability to a much closer degree than we can due to the very nature of their design. There is however, as there is with all computers a degree of human intervention.

Computers are great when they are working properly and are correctly maintained. It is when either they go wrong or we do not maintain them that issues and errors can occur.

In an aquarium computer the software to be fair is normally ok, however the hardware will require maintenance. The hardware in question is the probes which are in the water and are transmitting the required data to the computer for processing.

Occasionally these probes require cleaning and also re-calibrating to ensure that the data they are both recording and transmitting is correct.

As long as these are maintained then aquarium computer could perhaps be a great assist to the aquarists arsenal.

I say perhaps in the last sentence for a reason. There are many aquarists, my father is one of them, who take great pleasure in the management, measurement and recording of the aquariums data. There are others, like me who gain the pleasure from seeing the corals and other life forms flourish.

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