Why You Should Use More Than One Heater In The Home Aquarium

As with anything in the [tag-tec]saltwater home aquarium[/tag-tec] hobby one of the areas which all aquarists must attempt to maintain is stability.

The aquarium temperature is one of these factors.

Allowing the temperature in the aquarium to fluctuate cause stress on the corals, fish etc which can bring out diseases etc or at worst even death.
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  1. Its it possible to overskim? I have a 180g and a G+4 or 5 can’t remmember skimmer with the recirc mod It is fed by one of my overflows 30 gallon refugium. It has been up for 2 years I put in ro water keep the salt at 24 Have very good lighting temp stays 79 to 82 Fish have always done fine But coral will not grow It slowy dies even with target feeding I have good circulation and maintian water conditions with salifet tests. I have never had any alge of any kind even coraline! I unplugged the skimmer last week now I Have some red alge on the live rock(not slim alge) It looks better to me I just added alot of plants to the tank since then. Should I put my skimmer on a cycle 12h on 12 off Could I be over skimming?

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