Lights Out!

Running a [tag-tec]salt water aquarium[/tag-tec] is educational, very satisfying, and mostly relaxing. Mostly relaxing is correct, there are those occasions when the word ‘relax’ doesn’t apply. For example, when a pump fails and the shops are shut, when a fish is lost etc. There is also another occasion that aquarists dread, and that is a power supply failure.

A power loss is potentially one of the most serious threats to the well being of the aquarium. Those aquarists amongst us who own very large and expensively stocked aquariums often invest in a UPS (basically a battery supply unit that has a high capacity and can keep certain pumps and heaters running for a fair time), or they may buy a small generator. Most of us, including me, have neither. There is an argument from a livestock concern point of view that says we should, but the investment cost laid against the possibility of a power outage usually stops the process.

These outages can happen though! [Read more]