Should You Simulate Cloud Cover On The Home Aquarium

Something I have thought about for quite some time now is clouds – and should we be simulating them in our home aquariums.

The fish, corals etc which we keep in our [tag-tec]saltwater aquariums[/tag-tec] come from the wild unless that are either captive raised or coral frags. In nature the coral reef, dependant upon the location of the coral reef is exposed to a tremendous amount of sunlight. On some days the skies are blue and the sun beats down on them all day long.

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  1. A very interesting and provoking thought. I don’t know of any research that has been done into the subject of cloud cover. With cloud cover the Kelvin reading of the light changes – so how does the corals zooxanthellae react to this – or is it so short term it makes no difference? Lots of ‘what ifs?’
    There is quite a lot of argument over whether the glitter lines from halides (and LEDs) have any effect on corals. Cloud cover is another one of those type questions.

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