Setting up a nano reef tank

Poking around on You Tube (what a great site that is) I found a video which I believe will be useful for people thinking about starting a [tag-tec]nano reef aquarium[/tag-tec] (sometimes also know as a [tag-tec]mini reef tank[/tag-tec] or a [tag-tec]micro reef aquarium[/tag-tec]).

This is a video which has been created by Practical FIshkeeping which is an aquarium magazine from the UK and actually is quite good.

It could do with a soundtrack as it is a bit quiet – or at the least someone talking through what is being performed would have been nice.

I hope that the water which they add had been heated to temperature otherwise the live rock inhabitants would not have liked that.

One thing which they did mention in the comments is that this video was created for demonstration purposes and that in the video it does not mention anything about the aquarium being cycled. The aquarium was cycled but for obvious reasons this was not captured on video – would have been a long video otherwise.

Please don’t just rush out and copy this video and think that this is all there is to it – do a lot of research first before you even get to this step – but I’m sure you know that.

Anyway enjoy.


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  1. Interesting little video. I agree that hopefully the seawater will have been brought to temperature. I can;t help but say that I’d like to see 2 heaters (half needed power each) for environment safety, and 2 power heads in opposition for better water agitation.


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