Sumps – what are they and should you use one

A lot of aquarists nowadays use a [tag-tec]sump[/tag-tec] on their aquariums. I know I do – every single salt water aquarium I have ever run has had a sump attached with the exception of one which even to this day I wish I had done so.

So what is a sump and how can you benefit from having one.

A sump is basically another [tag-tec]aquarium[/tag-tec] (or something else which is saltwater safe) which is housed underneath or near to the main display aquarium. The sump is a location where you can install various pieces of equipment such as but not limited to protein skimmers, heaters, auto water top up device, calcium reactors etc. [Read more]

  1. I have been keeping marine fish for over 5 years, I love reading and was searching for a guide to help my friend who was starting a s/w.
    Simply great with no jargons to put you off.

    Great one, will encourage more people.

  2. Hi,
    So glad you found it good. The whole point of this site is to assist the new and not so new marine aquarist with the many areas of the hobby.
    As you have been keeping marines for years your experience must be mounting. Perhaps you could have a look at this site’s forum. Its very young, and as yet not too busy. But you could assist someone maybe with an answer, or post something of your own.

  3. I just wanted to thank you for this bit of education. I currently am running a 55 gallon freshwater tank, but have purchased a 80 gallon to move my freshwater friends and plants into. i plan to use the 55 gallon tank as a reef and salt water fish tank… being new to some of the jargon has really kept me from taking the risk to stepping it up to a salt water tank, but with the ease of this site i now think that anyone can do this if they put there mind to it. thanks again and email me anytime.

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