What Happens If You Lose Power

This happened to me today – just as I was sitting down with the family at the dinner table the power suddenly went off.

Up I jumped quick as a flash to make sure that the [tag-tec]aquarium[/tag-tec] was ok – my wife was more concerned over the freezer and that all the food might defrost – she obviously needs to look at her priorities!

My son found it all highly amuzing watching his mummy and daddy running around the house leaving their dinners to go cold – and we didn’t even ask if we could leave the table. [Read more]

  1. you need a generator handy. They also have batteries that can keep a small reef going for a few hours but a generator is a much better option ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You’re right, a generator is the best and most reliable option and it can be used for other purposes besides aquarium back-up. However, it depends on how long battery back-up will last with them charged and how much the options cost. For example, a very small nano on its own would probably not justify the cost of a generator (have to think of more uses) – a large reef would. There are ways of additionally assisting a marine aquarium in a power cut too.

  3. We had a major power outage here in Seattle a few years back and there was hundreds of stories of dead tanks. Very sad.

  4. Hello Leroy. Yes it is very sad. Power failure is one of the worst scenarios for an aquarist, thankfully they don’t happen too often.

  5. That why you have to have a generator handy at all times ๐Ÿ™‚

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