Problematic Algae – The Reefkeepers Nightmare.

Algae is a problem for most salt water aquarium keepers at some point in their adventure, the secret with algae is having the knowledge as to why it grows and how to actually prevent it.

Of course not all algae is problematic, for example coralline algae, sometimes known as [tag-tec]red marine algae[/tag-tec] can be quite pleasant to the eye. It is a nice colour, spreads over the rocks giving them a nice appearance – until it starts to grow on the glass, then it can become a nightmare. [Read more]

  1. Thank you.

    I have a new set up a little over two months old now.

    I have a slight problem with the brown dusty king of alge that covers the sand and the glass. I keep cleaning it but it comes back within a mater of days sometime overnight.

    Some of it it almost impossible to clean of the glass without a razor.

    Do you think this is diatoms?


  2. Hi. A two month old aquarium is very young. It may be considered initially ‘mature’ biologically (ie ammonia/nitrite have gone) but it will still be settling. Yes, it does sound like diatoms. When the silicate has been used up it should disappear. Keep doing routine maintenance and water changes. Use R/O…reverse osmosis…water to mix the salt in. All the best.
    You may wish to use the forum for any queries, it is called “Community” at the top of the screen. Whatever, always glad to help. 🙂

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