Why Does Coralline Algae Sometimes Turn White

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Coralline algae, in my opinion make the rock within a saltwater aquarium look more natural as well as adding a differing type of colour to the aquarium.

The colour of coralline algae is normally a deep red/purple however there are various colour variations which may occur.

So what can make coralline algae sometimes turn white?
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  1. Thanks for writing about this. Very informative. I’ve just noticed in my 2.5 gallon pico that I have a rock where a patch of coralline has turned white.

  2. Hello Great Site learned a lot over time, one question please, can i use bicarbanate soda to the tank in small doses for calcium replenishment?

    many thanx Paul

  3. Hi Paul.

    Glad you like the website and it has proved of use to you. Feedback, complimentary or constructively critical, is always welcome.

    In my opinion it is better to use additives intended for calcium replenishment, these are widely available. If this is too expensive because of the size of the aquarium the usual method is to use a calcium reactor.

    If I may I’ll quote from the book ‘Marine Atlas’ by Baensch – ‘Buffers made of sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) and sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) are frequently used in an attempt to increase carbonate hardness. This procedure is unsuitable when calcium requiring animals or algae are present, since no calcium is added to the water.’

    Johns last blog post..A Question About Algae

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