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Water Changes – Why Are They Performed

Part of all aquarists maintenance routine should be performing a water change on the aquarium. Water changes are not just limited to saltwater aquarium – all home aquariums have a requirement for their water to be changed. I was doing my water change today as part of my weekly maintenance

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Step By Step Seawater Change

Routine seawater changes are recommended for good reasons, for example minimising nitrate, re-introducing trace elements removed by protein skimming and/or activated carbon, and general freshening up. The guideline for the amount of seawater to change is 10% of the total system net gallonage. This amount can vary once the aquarist

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Should You Clean The Sand In Your Aquarium

Keeping the aquarium clean is imperative to maintaining excellent water quality but should you clean the sand? Well this depends upon what type of sand bed you have implemented into your aquarium. If you have installed a deep sand bed to aid with aquarium filtration then no you should not

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Aquarium Maintenance Software

Both John and I record our water parameters, maintenance activities etc in a little book which we complete after each water test, when items are due for replacement etc.

Over time this gives us a very good representation as to what is happening in the aquarium, any trends which can be identified, trouble which can be potentially averted prior to it happening etc.

This is the way we do it and a lot of other aquarists all over the world do it this way as well.

Of course there are some people who do not record any information at all. The water is simply tested to check if everything is ok. If it is then it is simply forgotten about, if it isn’t then steps are hopefully put in place to locate and rectify the issue.

As with anything there are other ways in which you can record the information. One of which is via the use of computer software.

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Download A Reef Aquarium Seawater Test Chart, A Reminder Chart, And A General Notes Chart

These charts are available for download and will hopefully assist in the methodical testing of the seawater, the timeous changing of lighting and filter medias, and also offer a means of keeping track of aquarium livestock additions.

The Test Chart: this of course is very easily adaptable to a fish only system by using only the tests that are applicable.

By using a test chart and testing routinely, the aquarist can see that the seawater parameters are stable. On the other hand, any trend, such as falling calcium levels, changing pH etc can be spotted. Trends often show up, allowing the aquarist to accurately calculate, for example, the amount of an additive that is required at intervals.

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