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Is There Such A Thing As A Maintenance Free Aquarium?

No work at all! Just view and enjoy the coral colours and the various reef fish. Many or perhaps all aquarists would tend to call that aquatic heaven – maybe.

Is it possible though? Is there a way that the aquarist can design a marine system where, once all is settled and mature, there is nothing else to do?

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Quick Tip – Help Maintain Stability By Keeping Your Hydrometer Clean

When you start a saltwater aquarium one of the things which you must do is maintain stability.

The hydrometer is an essential item when it comes to saltwater aquariums. A hydrometer allows you to measure and record the salinity of the saltwater. The saltwater which is both in your aquarium and which is prepared for water changes.

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How To Clean A Fish Tank

When the aquarium is clean it can look amazing to the eye – both for yourself and for anyone who see’s it.

The trouble is they don’t keep themselves clean do they.

Fish, like humans produce waste. This waste along with the aspects which we introduce into the aquarium (uneaten food etc) all helps to increase the pollution in the water.

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Denitrator, Where’s The Flow Gone? Update

I run a sulphur based denitrator on my reef. It has been running continuously for years without problem, though it has needed some adjustment of flow from time to time. That is to be expected. However, a while ago the flow went wrong, it slowed down considerably. There isn’t a lot of flow anyway on a denitrator, so the flow became almost non existent.

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There’s No Water Movement In My Reef

I came home this evening from a hard day at work, ready for the weekend, spend some quality time with the family and do the weekly maintenance on the aquarium.

Everything was all ok until I parked the car on the drive, got out and came into the house……

As soon as I came into the house the first thing I could hear was a beeping sound. I knew right from the very start what it was. It was the control unit from my Tunze wavebox. Sometimes it gets a slight block, the pump turns itself off to prevent damage and the alarm sounds.

No problem I thought I’ll just give it a quick once over and it will be fine.

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Using Activated Carbon

Using activated carbon is a means of removing certain organic substances from the seawater. In addition, it prevents the seawater from taking on a yellowish tinge, the substance that causes this is termed gilvin. Activated carbon, which is granular, is often placed in a canister filter which is also used for mechanical filtration purposes, as a good flow of water through the substance is achieved. Other filters can be used of course. Some aquarists simply hang a bag of activated carbon in a part of the aquarium or sump, but this practice has to be questionable because of the flow of, or rather lack of flow of, seawater through the substance.

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Methods To Clean The Glass

We can have a seawater aquarium which is well designed, well stocked and fully mature. All the corals and/or fish are doing well. There isn’t any problem algae as water quality is very high. Yet there is one job that seemingly needs to be done in any aquarium, and that is clean the glass so it is clear of the algae that appears on it.

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