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Old Tank Syndrome?

Aquarists who have been in the hobby for many years may recall a problem of the early days, “New Tank Syndrome”

New Tank Syndrome was when a newly set up salt water system failed to properly support livestock, or failed to support it at all. This was nearly always down to new aquarists being impatient and stocking too early and/or too heavily. In those days the normal procedure was to use under gravel filters or external canister filters.

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Aquarium Cover Glasses

Cover glasses of course are those sheets of glass that rest on the strengthening straps at the top of the aquarium. Sometimes they are fitted in plastic holders so they will slide, sometimes they just lay straight on the straps.

The overall practice nowadays is not to use cover glasses, but leave the water surface completely open. This is generally good practice. Firstly, it allows maximum light to penetrate the seawater, which is of particular importance on a hard coral reef aquarium. Second, it allows a large area of open seawater surface for gas exchange to take place. Third, it is one less item to clean!

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Midnight Fountain!

The end of a very pleasant day out, my wife and I arriving home fairly tired and ready for food. Then to the lounge. A couple of drinks and a relaxing evening in front of the TV. About 10 pm ready for bed so off we went. As is normal

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