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A Website To Help Keep Track Of Your Aquarium

There is a website which allows you to keep track of your aquarium online. The website is called Reefiris and is currently in Alpha mode which basically means that there may be some bugs present and some features which are not yet complete. As the site is in Alpha mode

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Is Frozen Fish Food Beneficial To Fish Or Just Handy To Aquarists?

Unless the aquarium is a reef with corals only, then there are going to be fish present. Whatever species these fish are there will not be sufficient food in the aquarium to meet their needs. One of the most pleasurable parts of keeping a marine aquarium is feeding the fish.

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What Salinity Should I Keep My Marine Aquarium At?

Marine aquarists use a hydrometer to measure the specific gravity (SG) of the seawater. The hobby hydrometer is not a pure scientific instrument but is capable of sufficient accuracy to enable stability of the SG – provided the aquarist does at least a weekly check. Marine aquariums come in two

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