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Aquarium Lighting – What Are Your Options?

Water quality (in which I include water movement) is top of the list in importance when it comes to keeping a saltwater aquarium. Closely following water quality is lighting, as much life on the reef depends on it.

The lighting used for a reef aquarium is more intense than on any other type. The reason for this is that we are trying to simulate the sun as far as humanly possible. The lighting used on the reef aquarium is normally more towards the blue end of the colour spectrum as we are trying to produce the lighting colours present at between 10m and 30m in water depth.

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How Long Will My Aquarium Lights Last?

The aquarium is beautiful. That’s good, because a lot of effort, both research and money, has gone into it. Sitting back and viewing the result is a great pleasure.

The aquarist has realised that he/she has to do maintenance. If maintenance isn’t done, there’ll be changes in the aquarium – deterioration will set in. That would be a shame and there is no need for it. Just a few simple guide lines and all should be well. Testing the water for example. There is one other that sometimes is missed, and that is lighting.

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Lights Out!

Running a salt water aquarium is educational, very satisfying, and mostly relaxing. Mostly relaxing is correct, there are those occasions when the word ‘relax’ doesn’t apply. For example, when a pump fails and the shops are shut, when a fish is lost etc. There is also another occasion that aquarists dread, and that is a power supply failure.

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Natural Aquarium Lighting

The great majority of aquarists light their aquariums with halide bulbs or fluorescent tubes or a combination of both.

Huge strides have been made in the manufacture of suitable lighting for aquarists. There is a wide choice of Kelvin (K) rating in both fluorescent and halide, and a choice of power (W) at least in halides, though there are T8’s, T5’s and power compacts in fluorescents. Science produces as near as possible the light needed by reef life.

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