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Painting An Aquarium Stand

When I constructed my aquarium cabinet out of pine great pains were taken for strength and accuracy. An aquarium full of seawater, rocks and sand is very heavy. Improper construction could leave to a very unwanted disaster. Once the stand has been properly constructed, it could be

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How To Level An Aquarium Stand

Ensuring that the aquarium is level is important. Sometimes if it is slightly out of level it doesn’t matter as the water surface is often above the lowest part of the aquarium hood, or there is a black band on the aquarium to hide the water surface.

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Should You Use A Metal Aquarium Stand?

Asking a question such as this seems a little strange. Not very technical and a matter of choice surely? It certainly isn’t very technical and is a matter of choice. Metal aquarium stands were used a lot more in yesteryear, nowadays it is mainly wooden types, usually

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