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The Nano Reef Tank – Is It Suitable For The Beginner

When a beginner starts to research this hobby cost obviously becomes a factor and for very good reason. The larger the aquarium which is chosen the more equipment which is required, more water, more lighting, more salt etc. The list goes on and on. For this reason the potential saltwater

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Does A Nano Reef Need A Protein Skimmer

Nano reef aquariums are now very popular, because their size means they can be fitted almost anywhere in the home, and there are ready built systems that can be matched in to the home décor. Nano reef systems are small, meaning that they can be anything up to a net 50 gallons. Some are very small, only 10 gallons or so.

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The Nano Reef Tank – Should You Keep Fish In Them

The answer to this question depends upon your definition of a nano reef tank?

To me a nano reef tank is an aquarium which is less than 20 gallons in size.

There are some people which define a nano reef tank as being less than 55 gallons, personally I would classify these as micro reefs.

For the purpose of this post I will base the definition of a nano tank as being less than 20 gallons in size.

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Nano Systems – They’ve Been Categorized – But They Still Need Looking After

We all know what is meant by a nano system, don’t we? It’s a very small marine system of, say, 10 gallons or less that is dedicated to a fish or two, and a piece or two of live rock.. That’s right, isn’t it?

Well, no, it isnt. It may be that I’m uneducated (and I’m not saying that possibility is unlikely!). A nano system is now placed into any of three categories.

First of all, the nano is a system under 50 gallons. I’m not sure if this refers to the gross or net capacity of the aquarium.

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Setting up a nano reef tank

Poking around on You Tube (what a great site that is) I found a video which I believe will be useful for people thinking about starting a nano reef aquarium (sometimes also know as a mini reef tank or a micro reef aquarium).

This is a video which has been created by Practical FIshkeeping which is an aquarium magazine from the UK and actually is quite good.

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Thinking about a nano reef tank

I was sat in my home office today doing some work and I thought to myself ‘you know what, a nano reef tank would look really nice in here’

I can’t have been enjoying the work I was doing as I started to plan out in my mind exactly what I would need, what I could keep in it etc.

I think that this could be a great little project for me and my son to do together. We don’t see a great deal of each other so it could be a source of some really valuable father and son time.

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