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Iodine Addition To The Marine Aquarium

The marine reef aquarist carries out routine changes to maintain the necessary high quality of the seawater. The life within the aquarium makes demands on the seawater and the aquarist needs to ensure that there is sufficient quantity to meet those demands.

Some of the additions to the seawater are well known and accepted. One of these is calcium. Others are not so widely accepted as necessary, and one of these is iodine.

All non-scientific people, which includes me, tend to think of iodine as, well, iodine. As in so many things, it is not as simple as that.

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Is A Protein Skimmer Actually Required?

The fish only or reef aquarium has a number of devices designed to help maintain the correct parameters, hopefully ensuring healthy livestock with a long life. These are heaters, water level controllers, calcium reactors, lighting controllers etc.

All of these devices service a particular area. For an obvious example, heaters maintain temperature. The action of these devices is appreciated by the aquarist as the action is usually obvious. There is one device though which sometimes causes doubt, and that is the protein skimmer.

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Should You Drill The Aquarium Or Use An Aquarium Overflow Box

This is a question which I get asked quite a lot. I have my own personal preference but in reality it is down to you as an aquarist to make your own decision based upon your personal preferences.

I suppose really it depends upon whether the aquarium has water in it or not.

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Should You Simulate Cloud Cover On The Home Aquarium

Something I have thought about for quite some time now is clouds – and should we be simulating them in our home aquariums.

The fish, corals etc which we keep in our saltwater aquariums come from the wild unless that are either captive raised or coral frags. In nature the coral reef, dependant upon the location of the coral reef is exposed to a tremendous amount of sunlight. On some days the skies are blue and the sun beats down on them all day long.

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Why You Should Use More Than One Heater In The Home Aquarium

As with anything in the saltwater home aquarium hobby one of the areas which all aquarists must attempt to maintain is stability.

Temperature is one of these factors.

Allowing the temperature in the aquarium to fluctuate cause stress on the corals, fish etc which can bring out diseases etc or at worst even death.

When you are starting your home aquarium one of the factors which you need to research is how much heating wattage you will require. In a lot of cases where this has been worked out the aquarist goes out and purchases a heater to suit the desired wattage.

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What Is A Reef Ready Aquarium

The aquarist setting up a reef aquarium system by individually purchasing all the various hardware devices has a lot to do, particularly if it is a first system. There are so many questions to be answered, and so much research to be done.

The danger with a system put together by the aquarist is that one or more of the devices to be used may be below par. If the research is inadequate in any way, or if the aquarist has been surprised by the cost of some devices, equipment may not be up to the job or corners may have been cut to save money. Any actions such as these are likely to lead to problems.

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Choose The Best Protein Skimmer You Can Comfortably Afford

Obtaining equipment for the fish only or reef aquarium is an important step on the journey towards success. Research again is the key, rather than purchasing an item that ‘should do.’

A major item of equipment for the marine system is a protein skimmer. This device removes dissolved organic matter completely from the aquarium seawater. Why is this so good? The organics are removed before they are acted upon by the natural processes in the aquarium when they are eventually turned, up to a point, into nitrate. So, the more efficient the skimmer the less pollution.

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Does A Nano Reef Need A Protein Skimmer

Nano reef aquariums are now very popular, because their size means they can be fitted almost anywhere in the home, and there are ready built systems that can be matched in to the home décor. Nano reef systems are small, meaning that they can be anything up to a net 50 gallons. Some are very small, only 10 gallons or so.

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The Lighting Cycle – What Is It

Our everyday lives are controlled by time. We may not like it but that is how it is.
On the wild reef things are much the same. I know, reef life doesn’t have a lunch hour! What they do have is dawn, day, sunset and night.

Life on the reef is controlled by these changes in light intensity. Daylight fish prepare to disappear into their secure holes when sunset arrives. Night life prepares to emerge. At dawn it reverses.

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