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Why Is Aquarium Filtration Such A Hot Topic

The marine aquarium hobby was once viewed as very hard, very expensive, and needing a touch of magic. The first two were correct, but not the latter, that simply being how it probably appeared to anyone not in the hobby but perhaps with a spattering of knowledge. There was little knowledge of the needs of captive marine life, and for the most part (the biggest most part) only very hardy life in very small numbers survived for any length of time, and that was usually measured in months.

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The Canister Filter – Any Use In The Marine Aquarium?

The canister filter has been in use for decades. Freshwater aquarists were the first to make use of them and they still do. Then along came the marine aquarium and the canister filter was employed to support those to. Canister filters have been around for so long that they are now very dependable and failures are rare.

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An Automated Aquarium Hood

If you have a saltwater aquarium and lighting is provided by metal halide lighting then potentially you could have quite a large aquarium hood.

As we all know there are times when we need to access the aquarium in order to feed the fish, introduce new corals or fish, move rocks around etc and if you have a large aquarium hood then they can become quite bulky and hard to lift.

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Lumens And Lux – What’s That Then

With a reef aquarium after water movement lighting is the next biggest thing which concerns us.

It actually reminds me of a saying which my dad said to me when I was first starting out.

‘You are not keeping fish and corals – you are keeping water’

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Closed Loop Circulation – What’s That Then

After water quality and then lighting water circulation, in my opinion comes next.

Not just any water circulation though – you can’t just chuck powerheads left right and centre into the aquarium and turn it into a washing machine – you have to create the right water flow.

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How Does A Refractometer Work And How Do You Use One

In a saltwater aquarium stability is one of the aquarists prime concerns and numerous devices are uses to measure various aspects of the aquarium.

One of the aspects which aquarists measure is salinity/specific gravity – ie the amount of salt in the water.

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