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Water Circulation – Go Wide And Soft

With water circulation it is better when keeping sessile marine animals to attempt to produce water movement which is both strong andpowerful yet not hard enough to damage the animals themselves.

Traditional powerheads for example can move a tremendous amount of water around the aquarium, however this is water movement which is not very wide, instead they are rather pinpoint.

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Aquarium Lighting For The Reef Tank – There’s No Right Or Wrong

When it comes to aquarium lighting for a reef tank there is one thing which must be noted:

‘There is no right or wrong lighting, there is no lighting which is better than others’

The most important consideration is choosing the lighting which is the most appropriate for the animals in your care.

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The Nano Reef Tank – Should You Keep Fish In Them

The answer to this question depends upon your definition of a nano reef tank?

To me a nano reef tank is an aquarium which is less than 20 gallons in size.

There are some people which define a nano reef tank as being less than 55 gallons, personally I would classify these as micro reefs.

For the purpose of this post I will base the definition of a nano tank as being less than 20 gallons in size.

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Water Circulation In The Aquarium – Why Is It So Important

The provision of water circulation in the saltwater aquarium is dependant upon what filtration method you are using and ultimately the life you are keeping in the aquarium.

A few methods as to how to create water movement has been detailed in some previous posts, however I realised that I have never actually gone into depth as to why water circulation is so important.

This is something I hope to rectify with this post.

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LED Lighting On The Marine Reef Aquarium

There is a new LED lighting system which is said to equal the power of some metal halides. If that is the case then that lighting is going to be very interesting to marine reef aquarists. Presumably the spectrum will be suitable.

Now I’ve led everyone up the garden path – I’m not writing about high power LED lighting, but just the opposite, very low power lighting. The lighting is designed to come on just before the main lights turn out.

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Have One Of A Kind – Consider A Custom Aquarium

We all know that we can pop off down to the local shop and purchase an aquarium and if they have one in stock you can take it home with you that very same day. If one is not in stock then it can be ordered for delivery.

This is all well and good – there are some great sizes and shapes to be purchased.

But what if you have an irregular sized alcove or perhaps you are considering having an in wall aquarium.

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The Aquarium Sump – Hidden From View Yet Exceptionally Useful

‘Sump’ isn’t a very exotic sounding word. In reality a sump isn’t. It may be hidden away and seldom seen, but a sump is a very useful addition to the marine aquarium.

So what is an aquarium sump? It is another aquarium that is in addition to and in support of the display aquarium. It adds gallonage to the system which is a good thing from a water quality point of view and they also allow items of hardware to be hidden from view. A sump can house heaters, a protein skimmer etc, so that the display aquarium remains free of technical hardware and nothing is seen apart from the fish and/or the reef. The sump can also contain filtration, which again aids seawater quality.

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