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How Do UV Sterilizers Work?

There are all sorts of equipment that could be used to assist maintain the aquarium, each designed for a specific purpose. Some of this equipment is essential and there is no debate about its need, for example heaters. Other equipment could be cause for debate. A piece of equipment that

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The Basic Kit For A Marine Aquarium Part One – Fish Only

Despite the number of modern books available and information on the internet confusion continues to arise with a newcomer. This confusion is sometimes caused by the book and/or the internet. Books could be out of date as far as equipment is concerned, and an internet forum could cause confusion by

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Construction and Problems – Acrylic Aquariums

I have only ever used glass aquariums, those boxes glued together with silicone. They are immensely strong and long lasting though there can be problems. The potential problems with a glass aquarium such as a crack or silicone failure (been a bit too hasty with that razor perhaps!) have been

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