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The Protein Skimmer – What Is Wet And Dry Foam?

In a saltwater aquarium there are various devices that are designed to assist in the maintenance of high quality seawater. Perhaps the most useful of these is the protein skimmer (ignoring bio-filtration). As with all devices for it to be at its most effective it must be adjusted correctly. First

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Should You Run Your Protein Skimmer Full Time Or Part Time?

The protein skimmer assists in the removal of dissolved organic compounds (DOC’s) from the water column. The protein skimmers manufactured nowadays are normally exceptionally efficient – as long as they are kept clean! So what do I mean by running your protein skimmer full time or part time? Well basically

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Is A Protein Skimmer Actually Required?

The fish only or reef aquarium has a number of devices designed to help maintain the correct parameters, hopefully ensuring healthy livestock with a long life. These are heaters, water level controllers, calcium reactors, lighting controllers etc.

All of these devices service a particular area. For an obvious example, heaters maintain temperature. The action of these devices is appreciated by the aquarist as the action is usually obvious. There is one device though which sometimes causes doubt, and that is the protein skimmer.

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Choose The Best Protein Skimmer You Can Comfortably Afford

Obtaining equipment for the fish only or reef aquarium is an important step on the journey towards success. Research again is the key, rather than purchasing an item that ‘should do.’

A major item of equipment for the marine system is a protein skimmer. This device removes dissolved organic matter completely from the aquarium seawater. Why is this so good? The organics are removed before they are acted upon by the natural processes in the aquarium when they are eventually turned, up to a point, into nitrate. So, the more efficient the skimmer the less pollution.

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What does a protein skimmer do?

Protein skimming (foam fractionation) is actually another type of filtration.

Protein skimming allows for the removal of certain types of DOC’s (dissolved organic compounds) from the water. What happens is that very small bubbles of air are passed through the salt water – this occurs inside what is normally called a reaction chamber. The organic matter in the water ‘sticks’ to the side of the air bubble and rises up with the bubble. Once the bubble reaches the top of the chamber foam is created. Over time these organics get pushed higher and higher until eventually they rise and fall into the collection cup of the skimmer ready for emptying by the aquarist.

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