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Re-iterating The Importance Of Aquarium Water Movement

Seawater that is not moving or sluggish could be close to ‘dead’. In that condition it is not going to carry out the important functions that are necessary. I remember once reading in a marine hobby book that the aquarist needn’t worry too much about fish and seawater movement, the

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Closed Loop Circulation – How Hard Is It To Install

Creating good water movement in the aquarium is required in order for the [tag-self]aquarium filtration[/tag-self] (if live rock is used) to be both efficient and effective, for the correct oxygenation to occur and for the transport of both food and waste around the aquarium. A lot of aquarists simply utilise

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Water Circulation – Go Wide And Soft

With water circulation it is better when keeping sessile marine animals to attempt to produce water movement which is both strong andpowerful yet not hard enough to damage the animals themselves.

Traditional powerheads for example can move a tremendous amount of water around the aquarium, however this is water movement which is not very wide, instead they are rather pinpoint.

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Water Circulation In The Aquarium – Why Is It So Important

The provision of water circulation in the saltwater aquarium is dependant upon what filtration method you are using and ultimately the life you are keeping in the aquarium.

A few methods as to how to create water movement has been detailed in some previous posts, however I realised that I have never actually gone into depth as to why water circulation is so important.

This is something I hope to rectify with this post.

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Be Careful When Selecting Your Return Pump

If you utlise a sump inside your aquarium them there is one thing you will need for certain – you will need to return the water back to the display aquarium.

For this you will require an aquarium pump.

However, it is not as simple as going out and purchasing the first, best or even cheapest pump you can find. There are various calculations which you need to consider.

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Laminar Flow, Turbulence, Surge Flow – What’s All That Then?

It is said that water quality in the marine aquarium, whether the aquarium is a reef or fish only, is of paramount importance. I agree with that entirely, water quality is at the top of the major needs list.

Though not part of the actual water quality itself, water movement could be included as part of that requirement. If the potential water parameters are excellent, this can be degraded by poor water movement and also the wrong kind of movement.

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Water flow in the seawater aquarium

Whether the aquarist owns a salt water fish only or reef aquarium, water movement is of very great importance.

Seawater quality is measured by test kits, such as Ph, alkalinity, nitrate etc. It could be argued that another part of seawater quality is its movement. Sluggish movement, or movement of the incorrect type, can have very detrimental consequences.

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