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Why Do Algae Blooms Occur In The Home Aquarium

Algae blooms can occur at any point in a home aquariums life but normally algae blooms occur during the start of the aquariums life. When the home aquarium is first started everything is new. All the equipment, the sand, the rocks, the water etc are new. The aquarium needs time

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An Aquaristic Nightmare

I intend looking at two fish problems. These two problems are probably the most feared by marine aquarists. Those who keep a [tag-self]fish only aquarium[/tag-self] could sweat a little less, but the owner of a [tag-self]reef aquarium[/tag-self] can have real trouble. The first is the so-called marine [tag-self]white spot[/tag-self], or

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Red Slime Algae And Its Control

The questions that arise about algae seem continuous, particularly those algae types that are considered a nuisance. New aquarists running a fish only aquarium or a reef aquarium can be subjected to the displeasure of nuisance algae, and the methods of dealing with the problem are all basically the same

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