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Should You Use Cured Or Uncured Live Rock?

Live rock has become a widely used media for filtration. It is a natural way to filter and it deals, within reason, with the full [tag-self]nitrogen cycle[/tag-self]. It is suitable for all marine aquarium systems, and is usually very successful if the quality and quantity are correct. In addition, it

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Live Rock – How Much Do I Need?

Live rock is so called because it bears some of the tougher life forms that have survived the processes between the wild and the dealer’s sale tanks. In addition it harbours beneficial bacteria that are able to deal with ammonia, nitrite and [tag-self]nitrate[/tag-self]. All marine aquarists can use [tag-self]live rock[/tag-self].

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Are Bio Balls Still Of Any Use In The Aquarium

Aquarium filtration is at the very heart of the aquarium. Without it fish waste, uneaten food etc cannot be processed and with the aquarium being a closed environment before long the aquarium inhabitants are going to suffer. An aquarium cannot function without filtration. There are various ways to implement a

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