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Keep It Clean

Sometimes a marine aquarium is broken down as the aquarist no longer wishes to keep one and is to sell it. This is quite sad really but of course there’s more than one reason why this should happen. Sometimes though an aquarium needs to be broken down when the aquarist

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The Future

  Wow, now that’s a big title, so it had better be reduced straightaway! What ‘future’? It’s got to be marine aquariums of course, but excluding the gloom concerning the wild reefs. In some areas that could be discussed the future is fairly apparent if only generally. For example, the

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Trimming A Branching Soft Coral

If the marine environment is of high quality then the occupants should do well. This includes the growth of corals which of course is good. However, this in itself can demand attention from the aquarist. Some soft branching corals can show very significant growth.This could interfere with seawater flow and light

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