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Trimming A Branching Soft Coral

If the marine environment is of high quality then the occupants should do well. This includes the growth of corals which of course is good. However, this in itself can demand attention from the aquarist. Some soft branching corals can show very significant growth.This could interfere with seawater flow and light

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  This website has been quite quiet for a while and there’s good reasons for this. First of all there was a sad loss of a much loved family member. Then Peter’s workload, which had been steadily increasing for quite some time, really needed attention. It became quite obvious that some time

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Beautiful Encrusting Algae But There’s A Small Downside

Marine aquarists try very hard to create a beautiful aquarium – whether the system is fish only or reef that is the target. These attempts are generally successful and often the picture is enhanced by Mother Nature. Mother Nature obviously provides the ‘eye targets’, the colourful fish and corals. In

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