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We’ve Been Hacked!

Yesterday we did not post an article on to the site which is not like us as we always attempt to post one every single day. The reason for this is that we identified that both Aquarists Online and Aqua Compare had been hacked. We noticed on Sunday morning that

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Calculating Running Costs – Making It Easier

Energy costs are substantial nowadays, which means that running an aquarium is affected. Once the aquarium has been set up and stocked, the major ongoing cost of an aquarium is electricity. Some devices make a heavier demand than others, for example metal halide lighting, heating, and chillers. Others use less

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Another One Done

I maintain my reef aquarium once a week, disregarding feeding, the protein skimmer and anything found needing rectification during the maintenance period. This maintenance is done on a Sunday morning usually, as that is time convenient. The maintenance is divided into two types, called the ‘big one’ and the ‘quick

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