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We’re All Aquarists

There surely is little argument, if any, that a successful marine display aquarium is really eye-catching. That must be one of the major reasons or the reason that this hobby has grown so large and is still expanding. The size of the hobby of course generates manufacturer’s interest – where

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I’m Still Here…..

A few people have emailed me asking if I am still involved with Aquarists Online or whether the site is being run solely by John now. Well I am still here but have had a few things I have had to take care of. We have recently been experiencing some

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Here’s A List Of Active Aquarium Forums

Having a marine aquarium of whatever type is a wonderful individual hobby. It’s also really good to have someone to talk to about it, exchanging ideas, opinions and stories. The very best way is to have local friends who are aquarists. They ideally are marine enthusiasts, but could be keepers

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