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Have You Ever Looked At Your Aquarium In Natural Daylight?

My aquarium is lit by metal halides therefore the light provided is quite bright. I use 14K lighting as well as supplemental actinics. Normally the aquarium does not receive any natural daylight as blinds have been installed to prevent this, however the other day whilst I was doing my maintenance

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The So-Called Old Tank Syndrome

New tank syndrome is well documented, in fact there is an article on it on this website ( It is where the aquarist has been impatient and has added livestock either in too much quantity in the first place, or has added livestock in ones or twos but has left

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If You Upgrade To A Bigger Tank How Do You Transfer The Corals And Fish?

This exercise is very similar to moving an aquarium from house to house, but escapes some of the disruption and the need for transport. This leads to another plus in that virtually anything that is strong enough and seawater safe could be used as a temporary holding vessel. If transport

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