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The Wall Mounted Aquarium – A Living Picture

There are two types of wall mounted aquarium. One is the type which you hang on the wall much like a picture – not great for a saltwater aquarium and to be honest I am not sure I like the look of them. Not a great deal of room for the fish to move about, what about the filtration, lighting etc – not for me thank you.

And then there is the other – a full size aquarium which is fitted into the wall so that only the front glass is visble on the front.

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Product Review – Reef Keeping Basics

A short while ago I had the privilege of being able to review a book titled ‘Reef Keeping Basics’ by Eric V. Van Der Hope.

Wow – what a refreshing change that was!

I was a little scepticle when I was first given the opportunity as over the years I have read many papers, guides, books etc and over this time there is quite a bit of duplicate content and theories

However I was pleasantly surprised.

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Aquascaping Your Aquarium

It does not matter if you have chosen live rock or ‘dead’ rock for your aquarium. There is one simple thing that you must do and that is ‘aquascaping’.

What this basically means is installing the rock into the aquarium so that it is stable, open and aesthetically pleasing.

The rock needs to be stable so that, funnily enough it does not fall over. If it is not built stable then the entire structure could fall over. At best you would have to rescape it. The worst scenario is that you could kill one of your aquarium inhabitants or even worse crack the aquarium!

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Starting A Marine Aquarium – The Very First Considerations

Seeing pictures of a healthy marine fish only or reef aquarium in books or on the internet, or even better, in reality at a public aquarium will cause just about anyone to appreciate the beauty and general fascination of them. Some people will wonder if they could have one, and the thought will shortly disappear. Others, however, will not forget so easily and will want to delve further into the possibility of their own aquarium.

If the potential aquarist knows a friend who already has a healthy marine aquarium, then there is a source of advice available already. The friend will already have been through all the research and considerations. Often, however, the potential aquarist will want to find out for him/herself. That is very good, as the aquarium system will be understood thoroughly. Then there may not be a known marine aquarist available, so what is the first move? Dashing to the local shop and buying an aquarium and a few bits of equipment that the shop says is needed is totally incorrect.

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Selecting Your Aquarium Live Rock

As we know live rock is an extremely effective filtration media to use within the saltwater aquarium. Not only does it provide filtration it also makes the aquarium look more natural.

With so many different types of live rock available however which one should you choose and how much do you need.

When setting up your aquarium you should have an idea as to what you want to keep and also what you hope it to look like. During the planning stage you should have looked into the following as well as numerous other aspects :

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Competition : Name Our Newsletter

Every month we publish a newsletter to all of our subscribers.

This newsletter covers various aspects from our personal aquariums, tips, advice, news and more. We are always on the lookout for information which we can provide.

Of course we also provide information on this site which we hope is beneficial to you.

The newsletter which we provide is a joint newsletter between Aquarists Online website and the Salt Water Aquarium website, however that is where we have a dilemma:

What in the world do we call it?

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Aquarists Online Salt Water Aquarium Forum

Regular visitors and readers to Aquarists Online may not be aware that we have our very own salt water aquarium forum loaded onto the site for your use if you wish to use it.

Various categories have been loaded into this system so that aquarists worldwide can log in, write a post and have an answer to your question. Of course this forum is not just about asking questions it is also about answering other people questions, meeting new people, making contact with other aquarists from all over the globe and generally speaking to other people who have the same interest as yourself.

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