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Performing a water change

Looking around on You Tube I found a video about performing a water change.

It’s quite a well done video, very well put together. There are a few things that I think should have been included in it fro example he just pours water into a bucket and does not heat it up to temperature first. Of course you can perform a water change with cold water if you have an aquarium large enough but if your tank is smaller then I would not recommend it.

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Things you need to consider when keeping a salt water aquarium

A lot of people, when considering the possibility of starting the very own salt water aquarium are initially put off because they either believe or have been told that keeping a marine aquarium is hard. There are also others that believe that this hobby is very expensive.

The truth is that having your very own slice of the ocean is not hard – as long as potential aquarists research as much as possibly they can both prior to starting and whilst running their aquarium then a fantastic home salt water aquarium is within reach of everyone who is interested.

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Nature Survives

Many years ago I ran an aquarium that was built like a picture into the wall. The aquarium was not very large. Attached to it was another aquarium which acted as the sump. The sump could not be seen.

The aquarium was my first salt water reef tank. It was full of rock and soft corals, and lit by fluorescent tubes. After a while the aquarium was full of life, from tiny shrimps to growing corals. The many colours of the algae made it even better. I was relatively new at marine reef and fish keeping so the total lack of problem algae may have been a stroke of luck, though I did a great deal of research before I started. The only fish in the aquarium was a flame angelfish (Centropyge loriculus). This aquarium was my first foray into the fascinating world of reefs. I remember it so well!

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So Why Do You?

So why do you keep a salt water aquarium? Or a fish only aquarium for that matter?

This came up because a television man had occasion to come through my hall and saw my aquarium. His first comment was “that’s beautiful” which to any aquarist is music. A few things were explained to him about corals, the fish, and how much maintenance was needed.

He was only given a bare boned outline of the aquarium etc, not a long winded boring lecture. He looked at me and asked “So why do you keep an aquarium then?” My reply was that I enjoyed it and found it relaxing. He nodded and off he went.

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You ask – we listen

Since the launch of this site (or rather the migration from the old one!) we have had quite a few comments from visitors to this site asking for detailed information to be posted on this site in relation to practically everything to do with salt water aquariums, salt water life and natural reefs.

Well guess what we are going to take on this challenge.

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Recent News

Sandals/Beaches on rescue mission for coral reefs – Jamaica Observer 3 Jun 2007 at 3:03am Sandals/Beaches on rescue mission for coral reefs Jamaica Observer, Jamaica – 13 hours ago SANDALS and Beaches Resorts in the St Ann/St Mary region have launched a monthly drive to rid coral reefs in the

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How to setup a quarantine tank.

Ok, yesterday I posted about why a quarantine tank is so important and why every aquarists should at least consider using one. Since then I have had loads of emails asking me how to set one up – so here goes.

You can use a tank which can be either glass or acrylic – it does not matter which, neither does it need to be large. Think about it how many fish are you actually going to be keeping in it – one, possibly two. Of course if you keep large fish then you need to take this into consideration when planning your quarantine tank.

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Why don’t more aquarists use a quarantine tank?

To this day it still amazes me how few aquarists actually use a quarantine tank within their home aquarium setup.

Instead of using a quarantine system they are more than happy to risk all the animals when introducing a new member into the aquarium.

I appreciate that there is only a small slight when purchasing new fish, corals etc however the risk is there and it is not something which should be taken lightly.

All responsible aquarists should follow some basic guidelines which it comes to purchasing new animals. Actually it probably goes back a bit further than that – the word I should have used is ‘researching’.

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I needed a bigger tank.

Aquarists with a salt water aquarium usually (ignoring fish only systems) fill them with fascinating life forms of the reef. This can be soft corals, hard corals and a host of other potential inhabitants.

In the setting up stage great efforts are made to ensure that water quality and lighting are adequate, and the overall habitat is suitable for the inhabitants. The aquarium should then thrive, with the permission of nature and perhaps a little bit of luck.

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