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Fun or Frustration

During your life looking after a salt water aquarium have you ever done something that you didn’t regret, but which tended to test your patience and perhaps even question your own sanity? I have.

Salt water coral fish are for the most part very beautiful. The fish we keep tend to become favourites, or we see one in a magazine, on-line, or observe one in a shop which we fall in love with.

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We’re home!

Well I have to say that we all had an absolutely fantastic time – lazing on the beach, swimming in the pool, spending quality fun time with the family and lot’s more.

Our aquariums were all fine when we returned, the skimmers need emptying and a good clean as well as the glass which needed a scrub to remove the build up of algae. No losses to speak of and I am sure that the corals are larger now than when we went!

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Aquarium update

What a couple of days!

Got all the rock work into position – nice looking rock, covered in corraline algae and should provide an effective filtration system. The wave box is now in position and producing currents quite nicely, no dead spots anywhere. I have also installed a spray bar along the lower rear of the tank which is fed by one of the return pumps so that any detritus build up will be kept in suspension.

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New aquarium!

Well, I am now looking after 2 aquariums! One is mine and the other is a friends which I am looking after whilst he is moving home. When I say moving home it must take him a while as he has asked me to look after it for about 6 months and then he will decide if he wants to keep it or not.

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