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I’ve Heard Of The Cleaner Shrimp But What Is The Cleaner Fish?

I would imagine that all marine aquarists have heard of, and probably seen, the cleaner shrimp (Lysmata amboinensis). This colourful shrimp is very popular, becoming used to the aquarist very quickly and even walking around on the hand if the opportunity presents itself – a large and strangely shaped fish

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If A Fish Dies Should You Remove It From The Aquarium?

The loss of a fish is a very sad occasion and often, whether the cause is known or not, the aquarist will wonder if it was his/her fault. Most (all?) aquarists lose a fish occasionally when the rest are perfectly healthy. Despite the sadness, the aquarist needs to take action

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Remember To Vary The Food When Feeding

A fish only aquarium or reef aquarium offers several pleasures. One of them is obvious, and that is just sitting and admiring. After a while, all seems at peace in the world. Maybe that’s why some doctors and dentists have aquariums in their surgeries. Another very pleasurable experience for the

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