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Stress, A Potential Killer

With a successful marine aquarium, be it a fish only or reef system, the term ‘stress’ seems inappropriate. Beautiful fish gliding about, corals swaying in the currents, shrimps on their eternal quest for another morsel to eat. Aquarists sit and watch the living picture with a sense just the opposite to stress.

In the human world stress is well known. The so-called rat-race, people getting to work, then being overworked, then sitting in traffic jams on the way home again – and all the rest. Stress is recognised medically as a problem, and it can lead to complications if not dealt with.

The marine aquarium world is not different. There is a difference in cause, but the affect on the afflicted can be no less catastrophic.

On the wild reef natural stress is part of the daily routine. Fish can be chased by and perhaps escape from predators. Predators create the need to hide for security. In breeding periods there is competition. There may be brushes with disease. Life on the wild reef can generally cope.

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Breeding Salt Water Fish – Should You Try?

The days when most of the fish for freshwater aquariums came from the wild has gone. This is good as it means the freshwater stocking industry is generally self sustaining, and wild stocks are mainly left intact. The fish are bred in large commercial breeding facilities and also by hobbyists.

This situation cannot have come about overnight. There has to have been experimentation, failures, and much time. It got there though. I remember reading an article about the neon tetra and how excited and overjoyed the aquarist was when they first bred.

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Fish Euthanasia

Not a pleasant subject, so why write about it? Only because many years ago I was faced with the problem of a very sick and obviously suffering fish and I couldn’t do anything about it, and couldn’t stand to see it go on. At the time those more experienced were unable to suggest the problem, but did advise on how the fish could be relieved of its misery. Thankfully I have never faced such a problem since and fingers crossed never will.

The aquarist who does all the proper things may never need to consider the subject. I feel reasonably certain that the majority of marine aquarists have never had such an awful decision to make.

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What To Look For When Considering Purchasing A New Fish

I went down to my local fish shop today as I needed some more salt. I have known the owner for many years now and he knows my saltwater aquarium nearly as well as I do.

I had a good look at the corals and the fish whilst I was there and then settled down with a coffee to have a good chat with the owner.

People cam in and out of the shop – some purchased and some did not.

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Good Starter Fish For The Saltwater Aquarium

Once all the research, planning and waiting is complete and the aquarium is full of water and has finally finished cycling you will finally be ready to introduce your first fish.

It is important to ensure that you make the right choice though as there are some fish which are suitable to be added at this stage and there are fish which are not.

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Boss Fish

An aquarium full of fish, or one with a captive reef and fish. They are both potentially beautiful.

The aquarist has acted absolutely correctly, allowing the aquarium to mature and adapt to the increasing bio-load by introducing fish very slowly. The research showed that more timid fish should be introduced first, and thus those fish can settle in and feel secure before more boisterous fish arrive. There aren’t any particularly belligerent fish, and certainly no fish predators, in the final fish mix. None are oversized for the physical size of the tank or the net gallonage.

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Buying A New Marine Fish

All aquarists need to buy livestock, and the majority of livestock purchases are from a local fish shop (LFS). There are certain points that need to be watched for when the livestock is selected.

The aquarist may just be ready to start introducing marine fish, and the first action is to consider the type of fish to be stocked. Is the aquarium fish only of reef? If fish only there is more general freedom in choice, but eventual size, territoriality/aggression, and compatibility with tank mates has to be considered. It will not be very pleasing if one fish finds another fish a tasty meal, or fish fight. So the aquarist needs to consider the type of fish only aquarium, be it big fish, small fish, aggressive fish etc. Great care needs to be taken at this stage. Before going to the LFS, research should be done and a list of possible candidates drawn up. All the fish may not be available, but the plan is there.

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The Damsel Fish – Good Aquarium Inhabitant Or Not

Quite often a damsel fish is one of the first fish which is introduced to the aquarium, however this might not be a good thing to do – the reason is that they are very territorial and quite aggressive.

I can understand the reasons as to why people introduce these fish first as they are quite hardy fish and can tolerate the conditions of the aquarium when it is first set up – as long as the aquarist is responsible. The trouble though is that once they settle in they can become quite troublesome.

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