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Good Starter Corals For The Beginner

When starting a new reef tank, especially if you are a beginner to the hobby as I am sure you may by now appreciate there is at times quite a lot to learn.

Starting a reef aquarium is only as hard as you allow it to be. Why learn all about advanced water chemistry for example at the very beginning – learn the basics first, get your aquarium running and then carry on reading, studying and learning.

Why make starting an aquarium harder by including corals in your aquarium where you have to learn a lot about how to care for and maintain them. There are some corals which are exceptionally hard to care for so why not keep some of the easier to keep corals whilst you are learning the basics and as you learn more and your aquarium ages then you can add more.

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Buying A New Marine Fish

All aquarists need to buy livestock, and the majority of livestock purchases are from a local fish shop (LFS). There are certain points that need to be watched for when the livestock is selected.

The aquarist may just be ready to start introducing marine fish, and the first action is to consider the type of fish to be stocked. Is the aquarium fish only of reef? If fish only there is more general freedom in choice, but eventual size, territoriality/aggression, and compatibility with tank mates has to be considered. It will not be very pleasing if one fish finds another fish a tasty meal, or fish fight. So the aquarist needs to consider the type of fish only aquarium, be it big fish, small fish, aggressive fish etc. Great care needs to be taken at this stage. Before going to the LFS, research should be done and a list of possible candidates drawn up. All the fish may not be available, but the plan is there.

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A ‘Dying’ Soft Coral

I have a soft coral (well, there we go, lucky person, actually many aquarists have got several). Seriously, I have a soft coral that’s a joy to behold.

I’m not exactly sure what it is, I believe it could come under the general term ‘colt’ coral. More specifically, it may well be Alcyonium sp. I cannot be sure. It is a multi-branched very feathery (my wife says fluffy) coral. It is beautiful.

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The Damsel Fish – Good Aquarium Inhabitant Or Not

Quite often a damsel fish is one of the first fish which is introduced to the aquarium, however this might not be a good thing to do – the reason is that they are very territorial and quite aggressive.

I can understand the reasons as to why people introduce these fish first as they are quite hardy fish and can tolerate the conditions of the aquarium when it is first set up – as long as the aquarist is responsible. The trouble though is that once they settle in they can become quite troublesome.

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