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The Coral Reef

For the most part marine aquarists are interested in the wild coral reefs. These reefs offer a diversity of life that challenges, or perhaps exceeds, the rainforests. Very many corals are now being propagated and fish, once thought impossible to breed are also being bred in increasing numbers of species.

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Is It All Doom And Gloom? Total Impending Disaster?

Whatever we read in newspapers or watch on TV there seems to be an element of impending disaster somewhere in the natural world. Is it that bad? First of all it should be remembered that newspapers and elements of TV thrive on ‘doomsday.’ Without bad news there will be a

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Coral Reefs In The News

Indo-Pacific coral reefs are disappearing – Science Daily (press release) 9 Aug 2007 at 4:53pm Carib Journal Indo-Pacific coral reefs are disappearing Science Daily (press release) – Aug 9, 2007 full story Coral Reef Decline – Not Just Overfishing (August 31, 2005) — Scientists widely agree that coral reefs are in

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