Do Aquaculture Tanks Have To Be Anything Special

Personally I think that there is a belief that aquaculture aquariums need to be some type of specialist aquarium which is designed purely for aquaculture.

I don’t why I believe this and perhaps I am wrong but when I talk to people they believe that aquaculture is a scientific subject and therefore requires scientific equipment. I suppose that in a way they are correct as this entire hobby is scientific in a way – afterall we are interested in water chemistry etc.

So does aquaculture require specialist equipment.

Not at all. All you need is a container to place the corals etc, filtration, the relevant equipment etc. An aquaculture container can be a small cut down version of a display aquarium. There are many people who are performing aquaculture in food quality containers.

If you wanted to aquaculture corals for example and wanted a dedicated environment for it all you would need is a container, the shallower the better which can hold salt water, lighting, a protein skimmer, water movement devices, heaters and some type of filtration – the best probably being a deep sand bed. A rack could be created out of plexiglass, egg-crate or something similar and you are done.

It does not look fancy and in truth it isn’t but we should not be that interested in what it looks like – we are trying to successfully aquaculture corals.

Of course there is science involved as mentioned above as the water quality will need to be maintained at optimum parameters, the lighting needs to be the correct kelvin etc but this science is what makes part of this hobby fun.

Perhaps it is the name which makes people believe that they will need to spend a lot of money on specialist equipment – aquaculture – I suppose it does sound scientfic but the truth is that you can do it in any old container as long as it is food grade.