Soft Coral Fast Recovery

My [tag-tec]soft coral[/tag-tec] reef (I love the way soft corals sway in the current and the subdued pastel colours mix together) is growing very well. As Peter has taken on a rather sad aquarium that he has in the process of recovery (see ‘An Aquarium System in Trouble – A Slow Recovery‘), I decided to cut some corals and pass the cuttings on.

Now [tag-tec]coral propagation[/tag-tec] is a worrying thing for most aquarists including me. There they are on the reef healthy and expanded. Then along comes John with a very sharp pair of scissors! First of all what to cut? Decided. Where to cut – what impact on the reef appearance? OK. What about the health of the coral, is the cutting method correct? OK. Hesitation, do I really want to do this? Yes, go ahead. Corals cut, cuttings shrink to a hard small lump that looks as though it will never live again. The coral from where the cutting was taken closes and looks thoroughly miserable. [Read more]

  1. Excellent article. It always amazes me how these animals are able to recover

  2. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the compliment – It makes us happy knowing that people enjoy reading our content – love your site by the way, got it in my bookmarks list.

    As you say it is amazing how a coral can grow back so quickly. Is there anything else in the world where you can chop it up with a sharp pair of scissors and within a matter of days (sometimes houts) it start to repair itself.

    Evolution and nature at is’s finest.

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