A Good Reference For Automatic Calculations

At some time or other many or probably all marine aquarists need to work out volume, or how much additive to dose their aquarium with, and such like.

This can be difficult, for example if the aquarium has been filled with live rock and seawater what is the net gallonage of the seawater? The seawater could have been measured as it went in, but this is easily overlooked. The net seawater gallonage is very important as it determines how much additive for example is needed to achieve a given level. If the net seawater gallonage is known, then how much of an additive is needed to raise the present level to a higher level?

In addition to this, what are the equivalent readings between the different measurement standards in use, such as parts per million (ppm), milligrams per litre (mg/l), US gallons, UK gallons, litres, centigrade and Fahrenheit etc? Or the aquarist could want to know how much his/her aquarium weighs with all the rocks, sand and seawater? Maybe a deep sand bed (DSB) is being considered and the amount of sand required is not known.

The link below will connect to a whole series of convertors and calculators for various questions, be they serious or just ‘would like to know’. When the link connects don’t forget to scroll down the page to see them all.