A Year Ago!

I’m always going on in the newsletter about how the time flies between the one I’m writing and the next. It’s true too, though time is constant of course it does seem to disappear at a phenomenal rate.

Now the start of May is here this website has been running for a year. Again, it is hard to believe.

It seems such a short time ago that the concept of the website arose – a source where beginner marine aquarists (and more experienced ones) could come and answer their queries, obtaining straightforward simply put information.

Individual texts (blogs if you like) have gone on being submitted under different categories at a rate of very nearly one a day, so using my mathematical genius there must be around 365 – I haven’t counted them! The most useful ones in our view have been put into the Articles list. All of them are divided into different categories to make any search easier.

The electronic books that can be downloaded continue to go out in a steady flow. These too were prepared to lead an aquarist on the sometimes confusing path to a successful reef or fish only aquarium. They are certainly comprehensive and cover everything from the absolute beginning to maintenance after it is all done. They’re good – but we would say that wouldn’t we! Fortunately, many purchasers of the books have confirmed the point, which makes the considerable effort of producing them in the first place worthwhile.

The website doesn’t look as it did when it first began. It is now very comprehensive in the home page area from blogs to articles etc. Then there is the latest addition, the ’social area.’ This includes a forum and a chat room. Aquarists can have their own accounts and view videos etc, and additionally put up their own blogs, videos and photographs etc. There is more to the social area than that too.

It could well be that a further enhancement will appear before long. New aquarists need equipment and other supplies at competitive prices from a reliable source. So do aquarists who have set their aquariums up. So a possible ’shop’ is being looked into. That would be the icing on the cake in a way – how to set up an aquarium put simply, and reliable equipment at competitive prices when the knowledge is gained. We’ll have to wait and see how things progress.

All the website enhancements are done by Peter, who is as committed as I am in the drive to provide a really comprehensive service without any mumbo-jumbo techno speak.

I cannot guarantee it as the internet is a big place, but I haven’t seen a website such as this one before. Peter created it and should be proud.

We are both delighted at the comments that have been received, they have been positive overall. The numbers using the website are very high. We both hope that the information provided continues to be of use over the next year. Above all else, we hope that there are happy successful marine aquarists who are really enjoying the hobby.