Aiptasia – Death By Fire!

I found a really interesting article over at Elder Reef today. Andy has found what looks like a really unique way to clear the aquarium of aiptasia.

Aiptasia can very easily become a pest in the saltwater aquarium. At first they appear to be a welcome addition, however before long they reach plague like propotions in the aquarium and are very hard to clear.

There are various prducts on teh market, Joe’s Juice, Aiptasia-X and others for example, however these do not always work.

Andy has found a new way – burn them off!

From the article it looks like it does work, time will tell if they return or not and I hope Andy updates us on his blog with the progress. If it does work then this is great for rocks which you can rremove from the aquarium. For the rocks which are hard to remove then this technique might be a little trickier – let’s face it water and fire dont really mix.

Check it out – excellent read.