Anemones And Anemonefish

For me I just love the sight of an anenomefish living in symbiosis with an anemone. An anemone which due to its very nature loves to eat fish and any other animal which fall prey to it. But not the anenomefish. It could be said I suppose that the anemone uses the anenomefish as a lure for other fish.

Whatever it is it is a sight to behold.

Seeing a clown fish for example living in the safety of an anemone which by rights should eat it for dinner is simply amazing.

There are a lot of people who go to their local fish shop and purchase an anemone and a clownfish and just expect that the clownfish will make the anemone its home.

Doesn’t work that way I am afraid.

An anemonefish will not always make an anemone you place into your aquarium it’s home. For example you could place both of these into your aquarium and the clown fish could simply ignore the anemone and either not have a ‘home’ or make another coral, for example a toadstool its home.

There is a belief in some people that you must have an anemone in your aquarium in order to keep an anenomefish. This simply is not the case. Anenomefish will be perfectly happy without one. They might take up residence in another host or they might not bother at all.

If you would really like to have this relationship in your aquarium and I can’t blame you then certain fish have preferences in relation to anenomes.

Due to this I thought I would create a short list as to what some of these preferences are :

Common Clownfish – H Magnifica, S Gigantea, S Mertensii
Percula Clownfish – H Magnifica, S Gigantea,H Crispa
Tomato Clownfish – E Quadricolour
Pacific Fire Clown – E Quadricolor, H Crispa, H Magnifica
Orange Skunk Clown – H Crispa, S Mertensii
True Skunk Clown – H Magnifica, S Mertensii
Pink Skunk Clown – H Magnifica, H Crispa, M Doreensis
Black Footed Clown – H Magnifica
White Bonnet Clown – H Crispa, H Magnifica, S Mertensii
Saddleback Clown – H Crispa, S Haddoni
Red Sea Clown – E Quadricolour, H Aurora, H Magnifica
Clarkii Clown – All
Sebae Clown – S Haddoni
Fijan Blue Stripe Clown – H Crispa, E Quadricolour, H Aurora
Australian Clown – E Quadricolour, H Crispa, H Magnifica
Maroon Clown – E Quadricolour
Mauritian Anenomefish – H Aurora, H Magnifica, S Mertensii
Two Bar Anenomefish – E Quadricolour, H Aurora, S Mertensii

Of course this still does not mean that if you purchase then that the fish will take to the anemone. It might not happen but who knows it might.

List courtesy of Marine World Magazine