Aquarists Online Salt Water Aquarium Forum

Regular visitors and readers to Aquarists Online may not be aware that we have our very own salt water [tag-tec]aquarium forum[/tag-tec] loaded onto the site for your use if you wish to use it.

Various categories have been loaded into this system so that aquarists worldwide can log in, write a post and have an answer to your question. Of course this forum is not just about asking questions it is also about answering other people questions, meeting new people, making contact with other aquarists from all over the globe and generally speaking to other people who have the same interest as yourself.

Plus of course we also participate in this forum and are say ready and waiting to answer your questions and meet new people who have a passion for the same hobby which we participate in.

As with all forums they can take a while to start but before long there are thousands of people using them.

So don’t be afraid, join into our community, make a post introduce yourself and lets start this community going. This is called the Aquarists Online Community Forum but at the end of the day we created and designed this forum for your benefit as well as ours.

Throughout the years we have participated in numerous forums and the two of us will agree that these, at times, can become very political – it is our guarantee to you that we will not allow this to happen. No matter at what level in this fantastic hobby you are at you will always be made welcome and no matter what question you ask you will always get a courteous friendly answer.

It is your community are – it is up to you to make this worthwhile.

So come on we won’t bite – we want to help you in any way we can.

Come visit the forum and build your community :

Your Salt Water Aquuarium Forum

  1. Hi.
    I hope there are many aquarists and potential aquarists who will make use of the forum. There is a huge well of knowledge out there and in this hobby we are always learning.
    A problem? – someone has had it and solved it. What to do? – some one has pondered and solved it.
    Also, it’s great to hear of others endeavours, and also, though sad, to hear of their misfortunes and how they were dealt with.
    I often looked on other forums at the members with high “ranks”. These will be the ones who started first.

  2. I was in the entrprenuer club forum and ran into your website. I was curious to see what your site looks like. I have to say very well done, especially with all your feeds. I am going through exactly what you were going through. Anyways just wanted to awknowledge your site. Nicly done.



  3. Hi Creative Genius (I really like that name!).
    Thanks for the very kind words, very welcome.

  4. pls help i want to start a saltwater tank but dont know how to start can anyone help.

  5. Hi Fishman35.
    Pleased to hear from you! The saltwater aquarium hobby is truly wonderful and I’m really pleased you’re so interested.
    Though the saltwater hobby is reasonably straightforward, the subject is quite wide ranging, with types of aquariums (reef, fish only), filtration, lighting etc etc. Don’t let this put you off.
    There are two main options for you.
    A. Have a look at the electronic books that are available on this website. These give you ALL the information that you need for fish only or reef aquariums. Everything.
    B. Use the forum on this website, and ask any specific questions you wish about setting up your system. The question must be about a particular part of setting up, not all of it at once as that would be too much. There are areas for particular aspects of the aquarium, and an area for “beginner’s questions.”

  6. Hey just found a great video on looking after Marine Fish, Sure you will find it useful as I did 🙂

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